Illawarra mp keen for stimulus package investment from Government

Illawarra mp keen for stimulus package investment from Government


Formeapronxr Federal Opposition leader Bob Hawke has set his sights on providing support for the $70 million in stimulus money to revitalise the Townsville-Dunedin CBDs.

Key points Bob Hawke has committed $70 million to revitalise Townsville’s CBD

A second round of review of the CBD is expected to be released by state and national officials next month

“I believe that we should really help the바카라사이트 community in that way and help businesses in that way too.”

The former Opposition leader says infrastructure is an area of the economy that has historically received a low priority.

“I think the whole notion that we’re building infrastructure as opposed to business growth is nonsense and I think we need to look at that.

“The CBD of Townsville is very special to Townsville and it is a major economic boom city and the fact of the matter is if we don’t start building we are going to lose our status as a thriving and dynamic city.”

Mr Hawke says Townsville would be better off without the proposed new $150 million casino at the eastern end of the CBD.

“If t우리카지노he casino wasn’t there we couldn’t have got to an $80-per-year tax incentive to allow us to upgrade and attract investment,” he said.

“We know that there is strong evidence that there’s an additional investment boost in the Townsville-Dunedin area through high tech and new investment.

“We would not be where we are without the investment in infrastructure we would not be able to get around it.”

The State Government estimates the government could receive an extra $30 million in state aid to the CBD and $40 million with a $40 million state investment guarantee.

Mr Hawke says he has set out a detailed strategy in his first major economic plan for the country, but says it is still early days.

“We have very clear priorities for the current political situation in terms of a federal or regional Labor government having full control of the economy and being the economic force it needs to be to restore confidence, job creation, growth and growth,” he said.

“But we must also make sure that we have a broad, comprehensive agenda that is good for growth.”

A Government statement says the budget will look at ways to support the business community and provide further investment.

A major road project has been suspended in the last week and will not go ahead until more information is available abou

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