Lions endurance under afl scrutiny

Lions endurance under afl scrutiny

MONDAY, 12:20 P.M.

The Detroit Lions are facing a lot more scrutiny and scrut우리카지노iny these days. As a result, defensive line coach Dom Capers has made adjustments to his team’s strength-and-conditioning regimen this week that will require some extra sleep.

According to a source close to the Lions, on Thursday night the team played four consecutive exhibition games against teams without an athletic trainer. According to sources, Coach Capers and his assistants are on their fifth or sixth conditioning session with this week’s scheduled workouts that feature three sessions in the weight room and one in the squat rack.

That would be 바카라사이트a huge improvement for the Lions defensive line to get its strength and conditioning routine running better since the previous three times was during the preseason. This time around, Lions coaches are aiming to do three-four workouts before they depart for Cleveland and Washington next week. The Lions’ first preseason game is Monday, Sept. 19 at Cleveland.

The Lions did practice on Thursday. The Lio예스카지노ns defense had another good session but did not participate in any team activities, according to multiple sources.

In its place, the Lions used an all-day team workout on Friday. Two days later on Saturday, the Lions will be in Seattle. And on Sunday, the Lions will be back on the road to face the Redskins on the fourth, fifth and sixth days of the exhibition schedule.

This would be another improvement in terms of conditioning, according to a source, who stated this in terms of the “three days” camp in September. But as it happens, the only other time when the Lions went on the road to face other teams had been two training camps under Coach Jim Schwartz’s time in Detroit. That was the only time the Lions played against teams without an athletic trainer. The Lions also had three games during the pre-season, against Jacksonville, Detroit, San Diego and Miami. The Lions’ last game on the road was Nov. 8 at Miami.

It would appear that this new practice is part of the “more work, more work” approach, according to one source, who spoke to The Detroit Free Press on condition of anonymity because he did not want to get caught up in all the details of the issue.

Capers will need to do the following work with his team during this week’s off-season practice:

• Practice in the weight room and squat rack during the morning session

• During afternoon session, coaches will train defensiv

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